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Soundiron is a labour of love, jointly owned and operated by Mix Foundations, TEC Award winning and BAFTA nominated Sound Designer/Audio Engineers Mike Peaslee and Gregg Stephens, and technology scripting and systems wizard Christopher Marshall.

Our vast catalogue of deep-sampled instruments is the result of many years of professional musical, sound design and recording experience. We've tirelessly worked on the production, design, recording, editing, scripting and programming of nearly 100 high-quality professional grade sampled virtual instruments over the last 4 years alone.

We specifically gear our libraries toward seasoned pros and working musicians in the film, television, advertising, video game and music recording arts. But whether you're a seasoned industry veteran or just a beginner, we commit ourselves to bringing all of our clients the same deep quality and unbeatable value.

With new releases coming every month, you'll always find something uniquely awesome here at Soundiron.



We actively seek, find and prosecute piracy offenders. Together with our solicitors we have won numerous cases and work closely with a number of government organisations, agencies, international prosecutors & federations to secure our creative online content on behalf of our authors and brands.
Each of our downloads is IP Address tracked and meta tagged to further secure the products.
If you notice any illegal activity online relating to our products we’d like to know about it.
Piracy Control
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