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This London based music software company started in 1999. Its first products included conversion utilitites and the DR-008, decribed as an incredible drum synthesis/ sampling instrumment. In 2009 they revealed DCAM: Synth Squad, a virtual instrument plugin that delivers the satisfaction of playing real analogue instruments  in software. Taking six years to develop, it was the epitomy of what FXpansion stood for, and what would help shape their future products. 

With a worldwide team of expert sound engineers and passionate musicians, the company has been able to create a growing followership as well as an innovative range of plugins. With their mission to push the boundaries of audio software, it's not surprising that they continously win a number of awards and prizes.


  • Geist


    £189.99 £179.99

    Geist: sample, slice, sequence, mix, arrange, effect, resample with this next generation sampling dr...




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