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Arc 5

  • The Arc 5 is the ultimate Soft Synth! Featuring a simplified the user interface with just 8 controllers for fast and easy control, powerful sounds from 5 synth modes with 2 voice layers, 1 multi-effects processor, and a 32-step DUAL arpeggiator system!

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Are you always on the lookout for outstanding sounds? Too much time is spent, sometimes wasted, in creating and searching for that aggressive bass, or a fatter sawtooth lead, or whatever sounds that make a track shine.


Try the Windows Demo for Free here!

Here at Archetype we set out to find quick and easy ways to create top-notch sounds based on the characteristics of 5 synthesis algorithms: substractive, supersaw emulation, FM, physical modeling, and hard synced unison voice sawtooth.

We also focused on creating an advanced multi-effects processor for diverse effects and an easy-to-use arpeggiator system to generate inspiring and musical phrases.

The Arc 5 V2.10 is the culmination of our efforts: a simplified the user interface with just 8 controllers for fast and easy control, powerful sounds from 5 synth modes with 2 voice layers, 1 multi-effects processor, and a 32-step DUAL arpeggiator system.


Download the full user guide here


Arc 5 2nd Generation (v2.10)
- 32 step DUAL arpeggiator system
- Pitch and velocity controlling gate sequencer
- Classic arpeggiator

- 5 selectable synthesis algorithms
- subtractive, supersaw emulation, FM, physical modeling, hard synced unison voice sawtooth.

- Multi-effects
distortion, cabinet simulator, bitcrusher, chorus, flanger, delay and reverb.

- 320 programs (5 banks) + 2 user banks
- VST/ standalone (Windows only)

Page & Mode description

Multimode DUAL Arpeggiator makes dynamic phrase patterns.

- 4 to 32 step DUAL Arpeggiator system.
- Pitch sequencer and Velocity controlling gate sequencer.
- 6 classic arpeggiator modes.

Vintage Analogue synthesizer that simulates a famous vintage analogue filter and oscillator.

- 1 Multimode oscillator (Saw, Pulse and Pulse Width Modulation).
- Analogue modeling the -24db/oct Low Pass filter.

Super 7 synthesizer which emulates the famous Supersaw sound with 7 mathematically-generated detuned sawtooth waveforms

- 1 multi sawtooth oscillator.
- Analogue modeling the -12db/oct High Pass filter and the 24db/oct Low Pass filter routed in series.

The world's easiest 1-OP FM synthesizer.

- 1 operator with 17 pre-defined modulation pitches.
- Negative and positive feedback control.

Wave Guide (Physical modeling) synthesizer to simulate string and plucked sounds. - Waveguide synthesis.

- Coil factor for additional harmonic content.
- Cabinet simulator to make body resonance sounds.

Hard synced unison voices (up to 16 voices) for extreme lead and bass sounds.

- Up to 16 voices unison.
- Hard sync modulated sawtooth OSC.

An advanced and easy to use multi-effects processor.

- Speaker cabinet emulation and bitcrusher effect.
- Fat and wide super chorus and flanger effect using multi LFOs and delay lines.
- BPM synced cross feedback delay.
- An advanced reverb including early reflections and simulated tails.

Instrument Type Soft Synths
Manufacturer Archetype Instruments
Operating System Windows
Format Standalone Plugin
Technical Requirements

Minimum system requirements

- OS : Microsoft Windows XP or later
- RAM: 512 MB
- CPU: Intel Celeron 1.7 Ghz or higher
- HDD: 10 MB free space on system disk


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